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Low speed centrifuge
Quick Details
  • Classification:
  • Laboratory Centrifuge
  • Brand Name:
  • Hiprove
  • Model Number:
  • HP-KJ-001
  • Place of Origin:
  • Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Voltage:
  • 110/220V
  • Max Volume:
  • 240ml
  • Max RCF:
  • 3430g
  • Certificate:
  • CE ISO
  • Speed:
  • 300-4500 rpm
  • Motor type:
  • BLDC
  • Output power:
  • 90W
  • Operation Model:
  • Timing/Continuous/Inching
Packaging & Delivery
  • Packaging Details:
  • 1 pcs/box, 1 pcs/carton
  • Delivery Time:
  • within 5-7 days
Product Description

Centrifuge equips with brushless DC motor and microcomputer. It has LCD display, standard equipped rotor, time setting function and features like stepless speed change, etc. It’ s the ideal equipment applicable for clinic test, biochemistry, immunology, etc. which is mostly chosen by the in stitution like medical health, food, environment, scientific research, teaching and biochemical test, etc.

1. Outstanding performance:
 CPU precise controlling, high performance brushless DC motor, maintenance free.
 Highly accurate speed control.
 Timing begins after speed steady to guarantee a more precise centrifuge time.
 Two kinds of acceleration curves, three kinds of deceleration curves, free match and combinations between acceleration and deceleration, makes the specimen separation better.
2. Reliable safety:
 Full 304 stainless steel made rotor chamber guarantees much more safety for the rotor running.
 Closed centrifuge chamber can much reduce biological contamination risk.
 Aluminum material rotor ensures long service life.
 Four important safety functions: Lid interlock, monitor for lid open / close condition, over-speed protection, automatic internal diagnosis, which can highly protect operation staff and the centrifuge.
3. Humanized design:
 Time and speed display simultaneously, convenient for monitoring the running condition of the centrifuge.
 Three kinds of operating mode: 10s-99min59s timing, continuous run and short run.
 G-force (RCF) and speed (RPM) switch displayed, convenient for reading.
10 groups operating parameter memory makes the working efficiency highly improved.
 Quiet running with noise lower than 65dB.
Technical Data:
Rated speed: 300-4500rpm, increment: 10rpm / 100rpm (fast turning the SPEED dial)
Maximum RCF: Rotor 1:2558×g increment: 10×g / 100×g (fast turning the SPEED dial)
                           Rotor 2:2200×g increment: 10×g / 100×g (fast turning the SPEED dial)
Speed accuracy: ±20rpm
Maximum capacity: 240ml
Running mode: timing / continuous / short
Timing range: 10s-99min59s increment: 1S/1min(fast turning the SPEED dial)
Rotor type: 12-bore angle rotor / 24-bore angle rotor
Safety function: Lid interlock, monitor for lid open / close condition,
                          over-speed protection, automatic internal diagnosis
Driving motor: Brushless DC motor
Input power: 300W
Output power: 94W
Input voltage: Single-phase AC100-240V (50-60Hz)
Noise level: <65dB
ACC/DEC: Acceleration:Fast(Accelerate to Max. speed<23S)
                                         Slow(Aeclcerate to Max. speed<66S)
                  Deceleration:Fast(Decelerate to stop<23S)
                                          Slow(Decelerate to stop<66S)
                                          Normal (according to the specimen mass )
Dimension: 450×340×230mm
Net weight: 10kg

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